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Valentine's Day at Riverside's Knowledge Path

Valentines day is a day of love. What better way to spend a day with our loved ones by taking a walk in the clouds? Join us at Riverside's Knowledge Path, a short 2 km walking trail that could be enjoyed by every age group with ease.

Here are a few things you can do at Riverside's Knowledge Path this Valentine's Day:

1) Don’t miss the photo op - Our Red Heart Photo station welcomes couples, family members and individuals who wish to express their love witnessed by mother earth, amidst the plants and animals. Don’t forget to post your pic on our Facebook page and share this valentine with us!

2) Sit, relax, reflect, and journal- After a beautiful walk along the path, why not sit in contemplation? Be one with the cold, connect with nature, or write down your feelings. There is nothing better than self reflective writing to release love and positive energy. To connect with the community and expand your circle of love, please share your thoughts on our Facebook page. Ideas for journaling:

A.Think about the five things you are grateful for today

B. Five people you love and are thankful for (more that five is awesome!)

C. Five things you love about nature.

3) Make a snow heart- Those young at heart will love this fun activity! Lets connect with our inner child this Valentine’s day at Riverside’s Knowledge Path by making a snow heart. Use your imagination and creative skills to make a heart from snow. Use what nature gives you to decorate it. After all, love comes in all shapes and colours! In Ayurveda, the heart chakra is believed to embody the colour green. How cool is that!

4) Identify and record species on the path - To get started check out our iNaturalist project. iNaturalist is an app that you could download on your phone to learn more about the plants and animals around us. Let’s appreciate nature by acknowledging the species that reside within this beautiful habitat.

5) Mindful walking- Riverside’s Knowledge Path has mindful invitations in the form of signage in various locations to remind us of being aware of the present moment and live in the now. Take a walk in the woods away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life to refresh and recharge with our loved ones. Walk with positive affirmations and let the calmness and simplicity of the path into our minds and hearts.

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