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Come explore Riverside's Knowledge Path. A place to reconnect with the world around us.


Welcome to the Path

Here at Riverside’s Knowledge Path, we strive to create an environment that fosters positive mental health and well-being for our students and the greater community. At the Path, this all starts by forming a connection with come outside and play!


Riverside's Knowledge Path is located in Unama'ki, the ancestral and unceded land of the Mi'kmaq people. While visiting the Path, take the time to connect with the land that Lnu'k (Mi'kmaq people) have lived in harmony with for generations.

This woodland oasis is tucked away behind Riverside School in Albert Bridge, Nova Scotia. An accessible gravel walking path guides you through the surrounding Acadian forest. Stroll along the 2km path in this peaceful community space and make new memories with friends and family in nature. Read a book from the comfort of one of our wooden benches, gather in the Mawita'nej Learning Pergola, make music at the Sule'katike'l (Out on the Mira) Sound Garden, or marvel at the beauty of the flora and fauna around you. Pause and reflect on the mindful invitations scattered throughout the path.

The Path is also home to a National Healing Forest, a designated green space where indigenous peoples and those of settler descent can come together to reflect, heal, and discuss the impact of the Residential School System on indigenous communities across Canada. Visit the sharing circle, a space where students, staff, and visitors can come together in the spirit of reconciliation.

This natural landscape will provide a multitude of learning opportunities that will benefit all. By forging a stronger connection to the natural world, students and community members will find a newfound appreciation for nature and a drive to become stewards of the environment.

We hope to see you at the Path


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