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Grade One

Explore fun educational activities for youth that you can try with students and learners at Riverside's Knowledge Path, in your community, or at home!

Looking for more activities? Browse some of the other age groups and modify activities to best fit the educational level of your learners.


Natural Paintbrushes & Nature Painting

Arts & Environment

Build your own paintbrushes using natural objects and create a work of art inspired by the surrounding environment.


Giving tree

Arts & Environment

Celebrate nature and give thanks to your surrounding environment by decorating trees with meaningful art.


Literless Lunch

Environment & Sustainability

Aim for a litterless lunch and reduce the waste produced by your school in a friendly competition!

Taylor Inquizative.HEIC

Adopt A Tree


Dive into the world of dendrology! Observe a tree in your community and document how it changes over time


Playing with Shadows: Make a sundail


Follow your shadow! Find out how the position of shadows is connected to the sun and time in this scientific experiment.


Nature Detectives


Put your thinking cap on and head outside to solve the mysteries of nature.Use your nature detective skills to find out who has been visiting Riverside's Knowledge Path.


Nature Inventions

Science & Sustainability

Gather inspiration from the environment and become a nature inventor! Design and build your invention with sustainability and environmental stewardship in mind.

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Captivating Compass Work

Science & Math

Learn how to use a compass so you can navigate your way through Riverside's Knowledge Path!

Broken Trunk

Which is Heavier/ lighter?


Learn how to compare objects found in nature!

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