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Looking for ideas of things to do while visiting Riverside's Knowledge Path? Check out this list of fun activities that get you out and exploring!


Read A Book

Bring your favourite book to the path and enjoy reading on one of our wooden benches. Listen to the birds overhead and the sound of rustling branches in the wind as you dive into a good read.


Make Music

Visit the Sule'katike'l (Out on the Mira) Sound Garden and explore sound, rhythm, and movement while creating music. Try the handing amadinda (pictured), the thunder drums, or the musical harb wishing well and get your groove on!


Practice Yoga

The Path has several quiet places that are perfect for meditating and practicing yoga. On sunny days, stretch in the sharing circles and use our stump seating to try your hand at chair yoga. If rain is in the forecast, pop into the Mawita'nej Learning Pergola for your practice.



Bring along a piece of paper or your favourite sketchbook and be inspired by the world around you. Sketch the forest or try your hand at leaf rubbings.

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