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Bateston, Main-à-dieu, & Scaterie

There are several communities surrounding Riverside School that are rich in history and culture. At Riverside's Knowledge Path, you'll find several picnic tables that tell the story of these communities.


On your next visit, find a picnic table and listen to the stories of these places which were compiled by Riverside School and community volunteers. In some cases, you'll even get to listen to stories directly from elders who grew up here. 

Below, you'll find an audio recording as well as a PDF script of the story. Enjoy!


Explore Bateston, Main-à-dieu, and scaterie

Learn about the unique history of these fishing villages including stories of hardship such as the great fire of 1976 which created a legacy of community resilience. Travel to the island of Scaterie (currently a wildlife protected area) which was once inhabited by several families who had limited access to life on the mainland when weather was poor.

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