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Grade Seven

Explore fun educational activities for youth that you can try with students and learners at Riverside's Knowledge Path, in your community, or at home!

Looking for more activities? Browse some of the other age groups and modify activities to best fit the educational level of your learners.


Be Still in nature


Be guided through nature by Mi'kmaw poet Shalan Joudry as you practice stillness in nature.


Literless Lunch

Environment & Sustainability

Aim for a litterless lunch and reduce the waste produced by your school in a friendly competition!


Nature Inventions

Science & Sustainability

Gather inspiration from the environment and become a nature inventor! Design and build your invention with sustainability and environmental stewardship in mind.


Earth Moss Ball


Create your own living earth using mosses and other natural objects.

This activity has a PowerPoint and educational video to accompany it.


Flexing your mental health muscle


Use poetry and your love for nature to guide you through a lesson that focuses on mental health and self-reflection.


Estimating Measurements


How long is Riverside's Knowledge Path? Head outside and put these measuring techniques to practice!


The national healing forest initative

Mi'kmaw Studies

Learn more about our National Healing Forest and determine how diverse and healthy this ecosystem is.

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