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Spring at the Riverside’s Knowledge Path: A Heart to heart Conversation

Change is part of life. The changes that we witness in nature are a great way to learn about life. Spring is a season of rebirth where nature gives us another opportunity to grow. The energy of this season is vibrant and brings joy to our minds. Our surroundings begin to bloom and the things around us turn green and colourful. Anahata, or the heart chakra, is associated with Spring. It encourages us to trust ourselves and get ready for all the beautiful things that are coming our way, as we deserve it.

Spring in the Riverside Knowledge Path

With newborn babies, we capture their milestones and keep track of all the progress and changes they are making. Let’s start this year by taking notes on the changes our path is experiencing this season and track them as spring is sprung.

Observe the changes and record them. Do you see spring flowers? A singing Robin or other birds, or tiny cute squirrels running on tree branches? Do you see any buds of flowers waiting to bloom and colour our world?

There are few ways to share your observations:

  1. Post your discoveries via pictures on the iNaturalist app, try to spot new and amazing species of plants, insects or birds coming to life.

  2. You could draw/sketch or write about your observations in your nature journals. Keep visiting the path to record the new changes and surprises nature throws at us and track the changes in the nature journal. We would love to see your reflections. You could also share them on our Facebook page.

  3. You could share your pictures of this seasonal transition on our Facebook page.

Happy exploring!

Stay tuned for more fun activities this Easter weekend. Check our Facebook page for updates!

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